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About Me

Meet Sarah || Founder of Cook. Bake. Nourish.

Delicious, wholesome food is a beautiful thing.  It has the ability to bring us joy, fuel our days and fill us up in more ways that one; be it our tummies or our souls. It also has the ability to connect us to each other, our loved ones and where our food comes from.  That intertwining of connectivity to it all is what fuels my passion as a personal chef and the very reason I started Cook.Bake.Nourish.  

It all started in my grandmother's kitchen then turned into me pursuing my degree at Johnson & Wales University and graduating with a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition. 


I have been fortunate to cook for a diverse range of settings and for various private clients in New York and Connecticut and with a recent relocation to the Sunshine State, for individuals and families in St. Petersburg, Fl and Tampa Bay area. I have extensive experience with sports performance, special diets, woman's health and health supportive cooking. 

I am constantly perfecting the craft of cooking. Always trying new things and getting inspiration in and outside of the kitchen. I use my skills and experiences to help others celebrate the most special moments of their lives, from milestone birthdays, bachelorette parties, to fun nights with friends celebrating each other no reason other than to be together. 

Whether you are looking for a nourishing, individually tailored food plan prepared in your home or delivered to you weekly, a luxurious in-home dining experience or perhaps just a fun, laid back and delicious night with friends - it is my pleasure to be of service. 

I enjoy helping people live happier, healthier lives with more ease. You can be sure that when I walk into you home and kitchen you will be getting a fresh, wholesome and balanced home cooked meal prepared with love.

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Photo Courtesy of Kelsey Campalong

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